Confederations Cup: Cameroon 0-2 Chile Player Ratings


(1) Fabrice Ondoa7.5 Put under pressure from the very first minute, and he responded very well. Denied Vargas and Fuenzalida with crucial saves early on. There wasn’t much to do for him in the second half, and there wasn’t a whole lot he could have done about either goal.

(2) Ernest Mabouka6.5 Did well for most of the game, without really having an impact going forward. Wasn’t able to prevent Sanchez’s cross for Vidal’s opener though.

(5) Michael Ngadeu Ngadjui7.5 The Slavia Prague defender was very unlucky to see his goal disallowed in the 16th minute. Was solid defensively throughout the game and played a great part in limiting Chile’s chances in the second half.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 5.23.02 PM.png
Michael Ngadeu’s disallowed goal.

(4) Adolphe Teikeu7.0 Like his partner in the heart of defense, he was solid for most of the game. He put in tackle after tackles and plenty of interceptions. Will feel like he could have done more to prevent Vidal’s header.

(19) Collins Fai6.0 Fai was uninspired going forward, sometimes just running with the ball without an objective. He also should have done better in defending Vidal’s header.

(15) Sébastien Siani7.0 Siani covered a lot of distance and was always looking to make the difference for his side. In the second half, he bossed the midfield and pushed forward time after time. Subbed off with three minutes to go.

(3) André Zambo Anguissa7.0 The 21-year old had a very difficult task at hand: to limit the creativity of the Chile midfielders. He accomplished that task for a very long time, sitting in front of the defense and not making any mistakes. An exciting display from the Marseille youngster.

(17) Arnaud Djoum6.0 Played well for most of the game, holding his own against a much bigger name like Arturo Vidal. However, he was somewhat at fault for the Chile opener, as he didn’t stick with Alexis Sanchez as he delivered his cross into the box.

(13) Christian Bassogog6.5 Created all sorts of trouble for the Chilean backline with his pace and dribbling. His decision-making, however, was disappointing, and he lacked a good final ball.

(8) Benjamin Moukandjo6.0 Despite his fighting spirit, Moukandjo wasn’t able to capitalize on the few chances he had. In the first half, he was extremely selfish, shooting and missing from outside the box with three teammates around him. His most dangerous chance in the second half was a free kick he narrowly missed.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 5.22.09 PM
Benjamin Moukandjo misses the target.

(10) Vincent Aboubakar5.0 Not only was Aboubakar not at his best with the ball at his feet, but he also unnecessarily fouled Vidal seconds before Ngadeu-Ngadjui put the ball in the back of the net. His only moment of brilliance came with a nice skill in the second half, but that was far from enough.


(7) Nicolas Ngamaleu and (14) Georges Mandjeck: Not enough playing time/impact for a rating.


(23) Johnny Herrera6.5 Never really looked to be in control of his box, but fortunately for him, he didn’t have much to do. His only save came in the 11th minute from an Aboubakar shot.

(4) Mauricio Isla7.0 Never got tired of running up and down the pitch and was an attacking threat throughout.  His most memorable moment, though, will unfortunately be a miss from around three yards out.

(17) Gary Medel7.5 You don’t often see 5’6″ central defenders bossing games, but Medel did just that. Going against the tall and pacy Cameroonian attackers, the Inter defender was calm and composed throughout the game, and barely put a foot wrong.

(18) Gonzalo Jara7.0 Jara also completed his duties, limiting Cameroon to only one shot on target the entire game. He received a yellow card for a foul on Aboubakar, but other than that, it was a smooth game for him.

(15) Jean Beausejour7.0 Didn’t have the impact he used to have defensively, but was solid defensively, despite Bassogog’s best attempts. His crosses were decent for the most part as well.

(8) Arturo Vidal8.5 (Man of the Match) From the very beginning, you could just tell that Vidal was going to have a good day. In the first half, he played two gorgeous through balls for Vargas, who wasn’t able to take advantage of them (or was, but then turned out to be offside). His thumping header to put Chile in front was the cherry on top of a very good performance from one of the best midfielders in the world.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 5.21.42 PM.png
Arturo Vidal celebrates his goal with his typical gesture.

(21) Marcelo Diaz8.0 Diaz was a workhorse for 90 minutes straight. Sitting in front of the defense, he made sure his defense was protected, while spreading the ball to the more advanced players. Did well to find Sanchez in the buildup to the first goal.

(20) Charles Aránguiz7.0 He didn’t offer enough going forward, but he was solid defensively and did well to complete over 90% of his passes. He also got pantsed.

(6) José Fuenzalida7.0 Was very dangerous in the opening stages, coming close to scoring in two occasions. Gave away the ball a few times, and it could have been costly had it not been for Cameroon’s lack of composure in front of goal.

(22) Edson Puch6.5 Wasn’t really able to fill the hole Alexis Sanchez’s absence left in the lineup. Had a good shot saved by Ondoa in the first half. Taken off for Sanchez just before the hour mark.

(11) Eduardo Vargas7.5 It looked like it was going to be one of those days for Vargas. He hit the post in the first minute, and kept asking questions from the Cameroon defense throughout. Was unlucky to have his goal disallowed just before half time, but he finally got his goal just before the final whistle to make it 2-0.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 5.21.11 PM.png
Eduardo Vargas celebrates his goal with teammate Leonardo Valencia.


(7) Alexis Sánchez8.0 It took Sanchez quite a few minutes to even touch the ball after coming on. But once he got going, he changed the game, delivering an inch-perfect cross to Vidal for the opener. Late on, he took on the entire Cameroon defense and got past the keeper, but his shot was blocked and then eventually put away by Vargas. You’d never be able to tell he was coming off an injury.

(19) Leonardo Valencia7.0 Player for nearly 30 minutes, and did well to help out defensively. Played a key role by feeding Sánchez from the right side in the buildup for Chile’s second.

(5) Francisco Silva6.5 Came on for Aránguiz with 20 minutes to go, and provided more strength and balance to the midfield.

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