Confederations Cup: Mexico 2-1 New Zealand Player Ratings


(12) Alfredo Talavera7.5 Did well to keep his side on the game when Mexico where at their worst. Couldn’t do much about Wood’s goal, but he won that battle in the second half, stopping him from getting a second.

(3) Carlos Salcedo6.5 Was solid defensively as New Zealand piled on the pressure, but was forced off in the 33rd minute with an injury. He’s going to miss the rest of the tournament.

(2) Néstor Araujo6.0 Was directly at fault for the opener, as his attempted clearance looked more like a nice pass to Lewis. Did much better after the break though, when Mexico were more in control of the game.

(23) Oswaldo Alanis5.0 Watched the ball go past him as Lewis found Wood for the opener. Provided nothing memorable, and was subbed off at half time. Mexico were miles better without him on the field.

(10) Giovani Dos Santos: 4.0 Had very, very little to offer throughout the match. Missed a header in the first half and that was all we got to see of him. Invisible, and bailed out by his teammates.

(5) Diego Reyes7.0 The decision to play him in midfield was a very strange one, but he still managed to have a good game. Covered a lot of ground and seemed unfazed by the change of position at half time.

(8) Marco Fabián7.0 Squandered one good chance in the second half, but was solid otherwise. He provided an interesting option in midfield, and did well to find Jiménez for the equalizer.

(20) Javier Aquino8.5 (Man of the Match) Gave us a glimpse of what was to come early on, running down the left wing and sending in a dangerous cross. He was much more effective in the second half though, creating both goals with his pace and dribbling in the left side, and created even more chances. Ingham will have nightmares about him tonight.

(17) Jürgen Damm5.5 Tried to do what Aquino did on the other side of the pitch, but his results were nowhere near as good. His pace and dribbling was good, but his decision making and deliveries were very poor. He should have had a goal or two, but his finishing let him down as well.

(9) Raúl Jiménez7.5 His finish to make it 1-1 was simply world class. He gave New Zealand’s defense plenty to think about in the second half, and nearly bagged a brace near the end of the game.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.07.57 PM.png
Raúl Jiménez’s shot finds the target.

(19) Oribe Peralta7.0 He added on to his impressive record against New Zealand with a well-taken finish in the near post. Wasn’t able to do much more, but scoring winners is what he’s there to do.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.07.11 PM.png
Oribe Peralta celebrates the winner.


(15) Héctor Moreno: 6.5 Came off the bench for Salcedo, but then ended up injuring himself; only playing 35 minutes. He was solid when he played, but you feel he could have done more to prevent the ball from reaching Wood for the opener.

(16) Héctor Herrera7.5 Came on after the break and dictated the tempo of the game. Mexico looked like a different team with him on the pitch.

(4) Rafael Márquez6.0 Was lucky to finish the game. Could have seen a yellow several times, and even a straight red at one point. He did defend well though.


New Zealand

(1) Stefan Marinovic7.5 Ended up making eight saves, even though about half of them were very easy. Couldn’t have done a whole lot about either goal, though he’ll be disappointed to get beaten in his near post by Peralta.

(16) Dane Ingham5.0 Osorio did a lot of things wrong in this game, but one thing he did get right was that Ingham was not ready for this game. The 17-year old tried his best both defensively and going forward, but never stood a chance against Aquino. Beaten in the buildup of both goals, and a few more times as well.

(5) Michael Boxall6.0 Worked hard in defense, and even tried to drive his team forward at times. Should have closed down Peralta, but was nowhere near him as he scored. Lucky to not get sent off late in the game.

(22) Andrew Durante5.0 He’s also to blame for Peralta’s goal as he gave him too much space to shoot. Was solid defensively in the first half, but looked more and more tired as the game wore on.

(20) Tommy Smith7.5 His side’s best defender by a mile. Very energetic throughout the game, as he prevented Mexico’s third with a goal-line clearances at the end of the game. Was also a threat in the air during set pieces.

(3) Deklan Wynne5.5 Damm got the better of him time after time on that right flank. He was a threat offensively in the first half, but didn’t see much of the ball on the second.

(15) Clayton Rhys Lewis6.5 His through ball to Wood for the opening goal was sublime. Seemed tired early in the second half and was taken off just before the hour mark.

(8) Michael McGlinchey6.0 Was pretty solid when New Zealand were in control, spreading passes and minimizing Marco Fabiaán’s impact. His midfield was overrun in the second half though, as Herrera was introduced into the game.

(14) Ryan Thomas7.5 New Zealand’s brightest spark again. After getting a yellow early on, he was calm and always tried to make something happen for his team. Very unlucky not to score, as his nearly inch-perfect shot hit the bar in the 85th minute.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.08.41 PM.png
Ryan Thomas dribbles past Marco Fabián.

(11) Marco Rojas: 5.0 Couldn’t take advantage of Mexico’s shambolic defense in the first half. His pace was threatening at times, but it was an overall disappointing display.

(9) Chris Wood4.0 He took his goal very well in the 42nd minute, coolly finishing past Talavera. Unfortunately, that finish was the exception. He had already missed a golden chance before that, and continued to waste chances in the second half. As the game wore on, even his touches got worse, and by the end of it, he just looked clueless with and without the ball.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.08.24 PM.png
Chris Wood celebrates the opener.


(6) Bill Tuiloma6.0 His throws were somewhat of a threat, but what he did with his feet wasn’t all that memorable. With his team already mathematically out, he should get a start next game.

(7) Kosta Barbarouses5.0 Came on for Rojas in the 74th minute, but didn’t offer much going forward.

(13) Monty Mark Patterson: Not enough playing time/impact for a rating.

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